If Rebooting Gets Your Tag Printer or Receipt Printer Working, It’s Likely An Electrical Issue


It’s a common problem, but a simple one!  If you find your tag printer or receipt printer work fine, then stop working, but when you reboot the tags/receipts spit-out, it is a tell-tale sign that the printers are plugged-in to a power outlet that cannot handle them.

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Do You Have A Clear Picture of Your Network?

Peeps' Workbench Network Switches

If you want to skip the boring parts below:

  • Walk around your store with a pen and paper and make note of each computer and where its network cable plugs-in at.
  • Make note of each network ‘box’ — e.g. you modem, router, and any little hubs/switches.

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Why Having A Reboot Alert In-Place Helps Consignment Stores

Peeps' Reboot Alert

The Computer Peeps monitor a variety of things for consignment store owners.  There are plenty of ‘monitoring’ systems and software out there and you can pay a lot of money for said systems, but simply buying a monitoring service and trying to resell it as a ‘managed service provider’, isn’t the same as what The Computer Peeps do.

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