Do You Have A Clear Picture of Your Network?

Peeps' Workbench Network Switches

If you want to skip the boring parts below:

  • Walk around your store with a pen and paper and make note of each computer and where its network cable plugs-in at.
  • Make note of each network ‘box’ — e.g. you modem, router, and any little hubs/switches.

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Big News: ConsignmentTill Switches to MS SQL Server

Great news for consignment store owners!  ConsignmentTill consignment shop software by RJFSoft has officially switched to Microsoft SQL Server.  This upgrade means ConsignmentTill can run on more computers on a network and can handle more data in its database.  Now ConsignmentTill and Liberty4 Consignment are the only two programs utilizing Microsoft SQL Server for their database management system.

This is a HUGE benefit to ConsignmentTill users.  Your database is where your consignor information goes; where each item you painstakingly enter goes; where all of your sales totals go.  So the database is a very important component and it makes or breaks, literally, your consignment program.  A database managed by Microsoft SQL Server is more reliable, less likely to crash (if ever), and is capable of serving data to large amounts of computers on a network.

All databases have limits, but Microsoft SQL Server’s limits are much higher than databases such as Access, dBase, or FoxPro.  Where those databases might run slowly with just a year’s worth of data, a database managed by Microsoft SQL Server might be able to handle 3-4 years worth of data on a “standard” system.

I’m really excited for consignment store owners to have even more options when it comes to finding the consignment program that suits them best.  ConsignmentTill was already a solid program, being the only consignment program that allows you to completely customize your tags.  Moving to Microsoft SQL Server was a great move and this will provide even more stability and scalability for ConsignmentTill users.

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