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3 Comments on “Big News: ConsignmentTill Switches to MS SQL Server”

  1. Ron Funnell
    Moving ConsignmentTill to MS-SQL Server is definitely a large step up from using an embedded database as far as speed and multi user access. Calls which require data from many different (related) tables are now lightning fast. MS-SQL Server is also optimized for multiple connections via networked computers.

    Note: RJFSOFT does not charge extra for the ability to add (connect) networked computers to the central database.

    A couple highlights regarding version 4.0:
    - Zebra Tag Printing: Ability to set a different printer to each tag design
    - Ability to save width and position of columns in displayed tables
    - Wish List Updated:
    * Record date Wish added
    * Record notes for Wish
    * Record date customer contacted
    * New form for viewing/searching wish lists
    - Feature to give consignors "Quick Cash" (from drawer) without having to perform a true settlement
  2. Ron Funnell
    OS info for ConsignmentTill 4.0:
    - Version 4.0 will not work on Windows XP for database computer (but OK for networked computers). Install version 3.6 if you only have XP computers.
    - Vista requires SP2 (service pack two) installed
    - Windows 7 requires SP1 (service pack one) installed

    thanks, Ron

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