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4 Comments on “Liberty Requires Additional Software In Order To Send Emails”

  1. Jonathan S
    I do think the email should be taken care of within Liberty. However, I have never been able to use the email feature because for some reason, and maybe it is ONLY with MY provider/host, they the server requires something that Liberty has not done. I believe it required some sort of check for new mail before it would send mail, so, since Liberty only sent, it would never work. So, for myself, this option will actually work for me as it will now be, so I would be fine this way.
    • Dean
      I agree. The burden is being placed on the user and now the user requires the technical ability to configure their default email client; and to maintain/backup their default email client.

      Liberty is one of the most popular and widely-used consignment programs in the industry. The method they utilized for the existing Send Mail feature, in my opinion, is a shortcut and it avoids putting in the work now, to benefit the USER in the long-run. If they have two options, one is easy on development, but difficult on you. The other is more difficult on development, but easier on you.

      I feel store owners who have paid for the "best consignment software" (cough) deserve better. We're already getting the support calls for "Liberty won't send email until I configure Outlook Express!"

      Maybe they just added this now as a place-holder and in their next release, they'll add a similar feature as ConsignPro. I think Liberty users deserve it and there's no reason to take the easy way out and push the burden onto the users.

      A problem Liberty AND ConsignPro face, is neither of them are compatible with secure (SSL/TLS) connections. For users of Gmail, Google Apps, Liberty and ConsignPro are incompatible. This is a matter of them adding support for SSL/TLS. Is that something that takes months? No. Would it benefit users of both of these consignment programs? Yes. Why haven't they added secure email connections? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      It looks like your website is hosted @ Some servers require you connect/authenticate at least once before sending an email. The server configuration should permit SMTP connections though, as long as they are authenticated.

      I highly recommend utilizing Google Apps for email infrastructure. Of course, both Liberty and ConsignPro still do not support SSL/TLS, so stores who are enjoying the benefits of Google Apps, cannot utilize email with Liberty or ConsignPro.
    • Dean
      It sounds like you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your desktop computer. If that's the case, then Liberty should work with this. When you click the 'Send Mail' button on the Account Detail screen, it should launch a new email window for you.

      If you have a second or third computer running Liberty, each would have to have its own license/installation for Microsoft Office and then Outlook would have to be configured.

      Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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