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2 Comments on “ConsignPro Known Issues”

  1. Wayne
    Dean, here are a few more for you. It would be great if you would keep track of some of the issues with CP that just never get any attention from Brian. CP allows payouts on accounts with negative balances. If 2 registers simultaneously complete sales the invoices will combine in unpredictable ways. We call this “crashed” invoices and it has been present since the introduction of CP. Does not always create an invoice for returned items. This happens about once a week. The result is overstated income. Not easy to catch unless you are balancing cash, credit, checks, AND account credits. If the software is set to logout the user after a preset period of time the login window will often end up partially off screen - makes logging back in difficult. Tuesday shutdowns take an excessive length of time in order for CP to update pickup dates. We don't even use the pickup date field but are forced to endure this process. If we need to reboot the server computer on a Tuesday then we have a problem as it impacts customers. Option to expire inventory to store account after a given number of days ceased working. Inventory now remains in consignor accounts after expiring.
    • Dean
      Hi Wayne,

      Thank you very much for commenting, sincerely. I am going to test/verify each of these directly, but I can say with a fair amount of confidence, the "two registers" issue is 100% related to the lack of a proper database management system.

      ConsignPro utilizes MS Access, instead of utilizing a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) such as MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, etc. By not having this, it allows for "collisions".

      Now, even if ConsignPro isn't utilizing such a system, what this tells me is, Brian isn't utilizing something called "Transactions". These exist even in an Access database and they are a core fundamental for writing large/complex amounts of data to a database and ensuring the data goes in properly and without conflict. Without utilizing Transaction-based queries, you're at the mercy of time itself, which can and will lead to "collisions."

      A quick Google search of 'access transaction query' returns plenty of results -- e.g.

      Without this, you simply cannot have a reliable tracking system, ESPECIALLY once you start adding multiple computers writing to the same database. It's simply a fundamental of database design and program design.

      The 'off screen' issue is such an easy one to fix. It's built-in to Visual Basic -- i.e. "Window location = Center, Manual, Parent Center, etc." These things are so easy to fix and there's really no reason such an issue should persist longer than A) internal testing or B) a customer saying, "Hey, I noticed this."

      The shutdowns at the end of the day, can be related to email. ConsignPro does not support proper SSL and the result is, at opening + shut-down, when ConsignPro goes to connect to the email server (or attempt to do so), it can take 30+ seconds while it fails in the background. This is also a fundamental of programming @ multi-threaded programming (prevents UI lock-ups), as well as time-outs/proper exception handling.

      Thank you again for commenting. My goal is not to make Brian feel bad. These issues are verifiable and ConsignPro could hire any outside consultant and they'd be told the same thing. The fact that the major consignment software vendors have shown a history of allowing issues to go on for years, speaks mounds to me. I support and maintain consignment/resale store owners' systems all day, every day. Doing so reveals just what issues the vendors have. They try to say "all software has bugs," yet I have provided the line-by-line fixes for said bugs and have demonstrated said bugs take minutes to fix. So is it cost? Is it time? Is it interest? I can only assume, but at the end of the day, my clients are more important than the feelings of the vendors.

      I'll check-in again this week, once I've had time to test these issues. Thanks again!

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