Beware of Fake Consignment Review Websites

The Computer Peeps are consignment software specialists and have been in business since February 2010 and in the consignment software industry since 2003.  The Computer Peeps have found Steve at Best Consignment Shop Software (a.k.a. BCSS) has quite a few fake websites for consignment software reviews and best consignment software keyword matching.  These are fake websites with wildly inaccurate information.  BCSS is not a member of NARTS and The Computer Peeps have documented countless, reproducible issues with Best Consignment Shop Software and how it manages data.  We also have actual store owners whose time has been wasted, by BCSS’ horrible track record and inability to properly manage a database file.  FoxPro flat database files from the 90s, are the first clue that BCSS is 20 years outdated.

Unfortunately, instead of focusing on improving Best Consignment Shop Software, Steve at BCSS invests a significant amount of time in spawning new websites to match keywords.  It makes it difficult for consignment and resale store owners to determine what is accurate information and what is FUD.

The points BCSS outlines about the consignment software vendors — his competitors — are grossly inaccurate.  Consignment store owners, current and prospective, if you’re considering purchasing consignment software, it only takes a few minutes to call the software vendor directly and ask them the following:


  • How much does it cost to purchase one license so I can use your consignment software at my business?
  • Does the consignment software utilize an SQL Server-based database system such as MySQL or MS SQL Server (something stores running consignment software on more than one computer will need), does it utilize a flat database file such as Microsoft Access, or is it using outdated database technology such as FoxPro/dBase?  We recommend avoiding any consignment software that is still using outdated FoxPro or dBase files from the 90s.
  • Are there any recurring fees after purchasing the software?
  • Once I purchase my software, are there any licensing issues I need to be aware of, if I need to move my consignment software to a new computer?
  • Do I ever have to call the consignment software vendor again, to reactivate the software?
  • Can I utilize my own consignment computer system and consignment hardware, if I chose to do so?
  • What does the consignment software vendor’s technical support cover?  Just the consignment software?  Your entire system, including your computer, printers, and PCI Compliance?


Also, we strongly recommend joining Resale Connect, a Facebook group just for consignment and resale store owners.  If you would like to know more about The Computer Peeps, instead of reading Steve’s childish rants, we recommend asking actual store owners who utilize The Computer Peeps’ services.  The Computer Peeps are proud to have lit a fire under the butt of Steve at Best Consignment Shop Software.

Steve – we hope you read this and sincerely, we hope you just hire a real programmer, fix your software, and stop playing games with the consignment industry – you’re only wasting consignment store owners’ time.  It would take you less than a year to move to an SQL Server-based database management system, as proven by The Computer Peeps’ Consignment Software.

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