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Peeps' Software!

Peeps' Software for Consignment and Resale Stores


MiniPeep Computer


Peeps2Go Mobile Consignment Software

Peeps' Tutorials!

Peeps' Software Video Tutorials

And introducing...

MiniPeep Touch

MiniPeep Touch and Peeps’ Touch Console!  Your complete solution for consignor contracts with tap to accept + sign, in-store floor-standing kiosks so customers can search store inventory, and much, MUCH more!

The only touch, kiosk, and in-store signage system on the market!  Completely managed from any computer in your store too.  🙂


  • Consignor-facing contract with touch-to-accept/decline + touch signature capture.
  • Kiosk mode for customer-facing inventory search.
  • Timeclock – tap-to-punch-in/-out!
  • Touch Consoles are completely managed from within Peeps’ Software, as well as Peeps2Go!  Fully manage, control, reboot, update, etc. each of your MiniPeep Touch devices from the comfort of your own computer!
  • Quick Quote/buy offers with tap-to-accept/decline.
  • Customer-facing point of sale items view.
  • Drop n Go view.
  • Categories currently on sale.
  • Tag Color Markdowns currently in effect.
  • Doubles as a FULL COMPUTER that runs FULL PEEPS’ SOFTWARE!  You can use your MiniPeep Touch systems as overflow point of sale systems or additional intake/processing/buy stations!
  • SO much more!!!

Call us @ (888) 374-5422 to schedule your Peeps’ Software Demo!

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