ANOTHER Zero-Day Exploit for Internet Explorer

Please stop using Internet Explorer!

THN is reporting yet another Zero-Day exploit for Internet Explorer.  This appears to only affect Windows XP SP3 with Internet Explorer 7 or 8.  Even with a fully-patched system, you are still vulnerable.

Remember though, last time it seemed like it was just IE9 and then it ended up being all versions of IE across all versions of Windows.

If you haven’t switched to Firefox or Chrome, switch today.  Firefox 16 is lightning fast and offers the recommended NoScript and AdBlock plugins.  Chrome is fast and safer than Internet Explorer.

Take this one seriously, folks.  I know a lot of you out there still run Windows XP and even systems in the last 3 years were shipping with XP.  Also, if you’re still utilizing the AOL Desktop Software, now is time to stop.  AOL’s browser is just Internet Explorer.  If you are running Windows XP and you are using the AOL Desktop Software, your system is ripe for the pickin’; even if it’s fully-patched and protected with antivirus.

If anyone has any questions, let us know!

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