Liberty Crashes If Liberty Mobile Server Isn’t Licensed

Liberty Crash

In order to run the Liberty Mobile Server app (for-use with iPads), a new serial # from Resaleworld is required.  If this serial # hasn’t been entered and you attempt to run Liberty, it crashes:

Liberty Crash Due to No Exception Handling
Liberty Crash After License Check (Click to Enlarge)

This effectively locks you out of your Liberty4 Consignment software until you A) enter a serial # for Liberty Mobile Server or B) uninstall Liberty Mobile Server.  Adding a Try/Catch (Exception Handling) to this, would prevent the software from crashing when it encounters something it isn’t expecting.

This issue is reproducible in the latest version of Liberty4 Consignment (4.6b) and this issue has been reported directly to the vendor.

Update 9/23/2016 — Issue acknowledged by Resaleworld.

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