This Is Why Resaleworld’s Customers Still Call Peeps

Liberty Mobile Server Service Disabled

It really is insane, but not surprising — i.e. that people who use Resaleworld’s Liberty software, still can’t get their issues (with their own software!) resolved and have to call The Computer Peeps for help.

You’d think Resaleworld would spend less time on Facebook Groups, trying to convince consignment store owners that Peeps’ Software isn’t doing what they haven’t been able to do for 20 years, and instead focus on making their software better and actually being able to fix their own issues.

Case in point, a customer had spent a long time, across several calls, unable to get Liberty Mobile Server working.  Resaleworld told our customer, “They can’t get by this issue.”  The issue?  The Liberty Mobile Server service wasn’t running — and their own software even said so:

And not running for any special reason, any security setup, any unique configurations, literally, their own Service wasn’t running — hadn’t started after their installer installed it.  :\  Went to look at the Service — Disabled:

Anyone even remotely familiar with computers, software, etc. would’ve seen this — so whichever tech @ Resaleworld did this, overlooked a really, really simple thing for even an entry-level tech.

I went and looked at the Service, changed it from Disabled to Automatic…

And clicked Start:

Voila — started:

That Resaleworld couldn’t do this, with their own software, and the customer had to call The Computer Peeps to fix it, is exactly why we built Peeps’ Software and have moved on from Liberty – we do a better job across the board.

Can you imagine buying this from Resaleworld and them not being able to install it, telling you to call your tech?  I can’t imagine telling someone on Peeps’ Support to call someone else, to fix (and not even really fix, just simply click a button) an issue with Peeps’ Software, or in this case, Peeps2Go.

This is why our roughly $6 a day rate for Peeps’ Support and the level of service The Computer Peeps provides, is clearly on a different level than what Resaleworld provides — you get what you pay for.

I am a consignment software specialist, System Administrator for hundreds of consignment workstations across North America, and developer of Peeps' Software! I've been helping consignment & resale store-owners since 2003. I started The Computer Peeps in February of 2010. After 17+ years of working with consignment stores, I understand the unique challenges consignment & resale store-owners face. From electrical issues in old building or strip malls, to advocating for them when their consignment software keeps crashing. I now manage over 600 computer systems, servers & websites for store-owners all across North America and I am the developer/programmer of Peeps' Software -- the only software written FOR consignment & resale stores specifically.

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