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10 Comments on “Consignment Software Vendor Overview”

  1. Kate
    Many thanks for this listing. Next, I would love to see actual contact info such as address and phone, which several vendors don't have obviously available on their web sites. Some purchasers may prefer to shop local, and Canadians might wish to support the only Canadian vendor on your list, Ron Funnell @ Consignment Till. It would also be wonderful to see a comparison of the functions most resalers ask about. AND of course a bottom-line price: what specific hardware is imperative. Number of multiple users that can operate within the shop, how many consignment splits it can handle, can it do buyer's fees and does it discount them along with the selling know better than I what shopkeepers want. And we'd all like to see "drawbacks"...if you care to opinionate on that! I am SO thankful you're helping our industry with this. Everyone asks me, but I am no computer expert!
  2. Dean
    ALL great ideas, Kate! I'll add the contact information for each of the vendors above! We're going to do a "review" of each app, showing how each program handles the core tasks - e.g. adding accounts, adding inventory, printing tags, POS, etc. When we get into the review, you'll see positives and negatives mentioned. Of course, that can at times be subjective, but after doing this for so long (being an IT professional), I truly feel I bring a completely objective approach to the table. So all those nooks and crannies are coming soon! I like the idea of the "need" list as well! I think I'll start a separate post just for that! Thank you SO MUCH for the feedback!!!
  3. Pamela
    thanks for the information. i am getting ready to purchase consignment software and was wondering when you were going to post additional information. lots of info to take in and it would greatly help in the decision making. i have search the internet and you hear good things and bad things which definately puts a damper on decision making. i know what i need. my concerns are reliability, dependability, and not getting ripped off with all of the additional fees and cost per year just to keep the software up and running. thanks pam
  4. Pamela
    is best consignment shop software owned by the same people as consignment shop software? it's confusing because they are around the same price and consignment shop software sells a consignment shop software named best consignment shop software? pamela
  5. Dean
    Thanks SO MUCH for the all of responses! Our goal with this article was to put together a concise list of the various vendors, which products they offer, their prices, etc. I've noticed that when new resale store owners start looking into software, it can be daunting just to figure out who sells what! @Pamela ~ The original "Best" is developed by CCE. They've been in the business for quite sometime. Bill Hawkins was the original owner and you'll find that the community has nothing but good things to say about him. Their software is referred to as "BCS" for short. Years ago, a company Bill was working with ventured out on their own and started selling "BCSS". Confused? =) Brian Wilson (developer of ConsignPro) has the entire story on his site. Here's a direct link... I'll email you directly and we can discuss your needs and see which product would be the best fit for your store! We've been quite busy over the last few weeks. We'll get back in the saddle and start posting new articles! Kate suggested topics such as "recommended hardware" and we are also working on an in-depth review of each product (with screen shots, step-by-steps, etc.)
  6. Pretty things
    Sounds great! I am really looking forward to the "recommended hardware" and the in-depth reviews of the softwares.
  7. Dean
    We've just posted a "Recommended POS Hardware" article! Take a look and let us know if anyone has any questions!!!
  8. DC
    I recently purchased a consignment shop that uses ConsignPro, and although the software itself is good, the customer service I received from the OWNER of the company was quite lacking. I would not recommend ConsignPro to anyone, based solely on the unprofessional manner in which they choose to serve their customers.

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