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4 Comments on “Don’t Run Out and Get Windows 8”

    • Dean
      Hey, Ron! Thanks for posting! Glad to see you up here! :)

      We're definitely aware of the Start Menu 'hacks' out there. Ninite has had Classic Start available for download for quite some time.

      Thus far, every client who's purchased Windows 8, has run into application crashes. The removal of Aero gives the appearance of a snappier interface, but underneath, application stability just isn't there yet, based on the last few weeks' worth of calls.

      Windows Blue is already on the horizon for 2013, so Windows 8 might not be around in its current format for much longer.

      I try to keep stability in mind, along with a straight-forward system and Windows 8 just doesn't offer anything for consignment businesses or small-businesses in general, just yet. Hands-down, the push is for a touch interface with Windows 8, that's the name of the game. The fake fast-boot, the line in the sand @ Microsoft's app store, UEFI, etc. all point to a closed system.

      For anyone still running Windows XP, absolutely move up to Windows 7. I wouldn't make the jump to 8 just yet. Let's see where Windows Blue goes, if anywhere, and let's see a Service Pack make its way out.

      Thanks again for posting! Feel free to hop on the ConsignmentTill MS SQL Server thread too!
  1. Ron Funnell
    Microsoft will include antivirus in Windows 8 for the first time in the history of Windows.
    • Dean
      Microsoft has actually been including antivirus on systems for quite some time now. If a system is connected to the web and has no antivirus software installed, Microsoft Security Essentials will be downloaded and installed immediately.

      Windows Defender has been part of Windows since Vista and now, they are essentially rolling MSE and Defender into one.

      Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender are absolutely horrible antivirus programs though. MSE is one of the most-commonly circumvented security products I see come across my desk. Here's a recent example we just posted to Facebook.

      Moral of the story: do not rely on MSE/Defender for your antivirus.

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