There Is No Best Consignment Software

Sorry folks, there’s just no such thing as best consignment software.  You see the phrase “best consignment software” tossed around quite a bit, but it’s just to distract you – don’t let it distract you.

Now you’ll see Resaleworld utilizes best consignment software on their website.  ConsignPro utilizes the best consignment software phrase too.  Everyone tries to hop on the best consignment software train.  Just remember folks, it’s a marketing gimmick.  Consignment software is software, period.  It’s written by people and those people, while talented, are not perfect.  Liberty has its issues, ConsignPro has its issues, ConsignmentTill, etc.  None of them are perfect and by no means, are any of them the best consignment software.  Each of the reputable consignment software programs have something to offer and they each can help a consignment store owner run a consignment store in a more orderly, controlled fashion.

Where did this whole best consignment software thing come from?

Great question!  When we started The Computer Peeps, we wrote about BCSS (See: What You Should Know About BCSS) and the whole best consignment software shenanigans on this very blog.  We saw how BCSS had flooded the search results with plenty of hits for best consignment software.  We stuck our blog post right in the thick of those search results, to try and get the word out there so other store owners wouldn’t waste their time and money.

The original Best Consignment Software was developed by Bill Hawkins and CCE.  Shortly thereafter, Steve (a marketing *cough* specialist) began selling Best Consignment Software for CCE.  Steve then took Best Consignment Software, the evidence of which is publicly available for anyone with internet access:

Best Consignment Software
Stolen Copyright | Click to Enlarge

Steve started selling his version  (Best Consignment Shop Software) of Bill’s software (Best Consignment Software).  When Bill retired and sold the company, Best Consignment Software was re-branded as Consignment Ease.

I wish we had just ONE positive story about a store owner who used BCSS, but we do not.  Every single client has the same experience.  The software is unstable, the database is old-school (from the 90s!), and they do not return phone calls.  “Tech support” is provided by a consignment shop owner, out of her store.

Our experience with BCSS both as software and as a company, as compared to some of the other consignment software vendors, is why we simply do not recommend BCSS or “Best Consignment Shop Software”.

For a complete list of consignment software programs, see our Consignment Software Vendor Overview.


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