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2 Comments on “Why Does My ConsignPro Settings File Keep Getting Deleted?”

  1. Brian Wilson
    The reason the file gets deleted is because previous versions of ConsignPro stored this file in the \Windows folder. In certain recovery situations, Windows regards this as a foreign file and removes it completely. We have solved that problem, in Version 8.13, by moving the file into the \ConsignPro folder. So, to avoid the problem, simply update to 8.13 or later!
  2. Dean
    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for replying! It was definitely a good move to no longer store cp.ini in the Windows directory, but that's not what I'm referring to in the entirety of this post. ;)

    This issue still happens today, even on v8.23!

    If you do not select the correct antivirus software AND properly configure it OR if you utilize a program such as Carbonite to backup the entire ConsignPro directory, then you WILL run into issues and the cp.ini file will either be deleted (antivirus) or "bumped-in to" by Carbonite, leaving the file named cp2.ini.

    So just to be clear, the issue with the file getting deleted STILL EXISTS in v8.23. We have numerous, documented Support Tickets over the last week, all due to the new update. :)

    Thanks again for replying though!

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