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2 Comments on “Can I Buy Or Sell ‘Used’ Consignment Software?”

  1. Carolyn
    but Dean, I bought my LIberty USED the first time around, I just had to pay Liberty an activation fee. Have things changed?
    • Dean
      Hi Carolyn,

      With software, you actually don't own it. One cannot sell Liberty to another person. So it wasn't that you bought Liberty used. The terminology can definitely be a bit confusing, but you didn't actually buy Liberty used.

      Here's how it works:

      - If you decide to sell your store today, but you are keeping the name Baja Rosi's and the physical store location is the same, then you can TRANSFER the software license to the new store owner (IF it hasn't been previously transferred, that is). NO SOFTWARE IS BEING SOLD in this instance. You are simply transferring the right to use the license of the software to the new store owner, as Resaleworld allows this in their End-User License Agreement. The software was not sold in this case.

      - If you decide to close your store today, but you are truly closing the store, you cannot sell your Serial # to "So-and-So's Consignment Shop" across town.

      If you have any questions about Liberty's licensing terms, you can call Resalworld to verify the terms of their license. Ask Resaleworld if you can sell your software to "So-and-So's Consignment Shop" across town. :)

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