Why Having A Reboot Alert In-Place Helps Consignment Stores

Peeps' Reboot Alert

The Computer Peeps monitor a variety of things for consignment store owners.  There are plenty of ‘monitoring’ systems and software out there and you can pay a lot of money for said systems, but simply buying a monitoring service and trying to resell it as a ‘managed service provider’, isn’t the same as what The Computer Peeps do.

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How To Reboot Your iSC Touch 250 PIN Pad

iSC Touch 250

Consignment software users who are also utilizing integrated credit card processing, typically utilize one of a few PIN Pads.  Ingenico is one of the more-common PIN Pads in-use.  From time to time, you might need to reboot your Ingenico iSC Touch 250 PIN Pad — e.g. to change the comm mode, to recalibrate the touch screen, etc.

You don’t have to pull the power cable or track down the power plug.  Instead, just press and hold the Clear and buttons until it reboots:



Peeps’ Consignment Software, as well as other consignment software, utilize the Ingenico series of PIN Pads for credit card processing.  Hopefully this saves someone out there some time vs. trying to track down the power plug.  🙂

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