How To Add Consignor Login To Your Shopify Website

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If you’re a consignment or resale store, running consignment or resale software, you might have a ‘consignor login’ service through your software vendor.  e.g. for Peeps’ Software, it’s  If you also have a Shopify site, you might want to add this to your website.

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Reason #247 Why Peeps’ Software Is Better Than The Old Consignment Software Systems

Peeps' Consignment Software

Just got off the phone with a customer that called-in to report, “We’re down — we can’t ring-up any sales!!!”  Their issue?  The NumLock key was off on their keyboard.  🙂  NumLock off = can’t type numbers using the numbers/keypad on the right = can’t type-in dollar amounts, item numbers, etc.

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